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Cognitive-Networks-Enabled Transnational Proactive Healthcare (CoNHealth)

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Partnerships to advance research in intelligent wireless networks for medical ICT applications

An EU initiative built an international consortium to design medical uses for wireless networks and information and communication technologies (ICT).

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Wireless networks and ICT have already changed the field of technology, and there is potential to integrate them into cognitive science as well. The EU-funded CONHEALTH (Cognitive-networks-enabled transnational proactive healthcare (CoNHealth)) project set up a consortium of researchers, students, academics and industry members to exchange knowledge about different aspects of the field. Project partners conducted simulation- and lab-based research in order to provide insight into the design and planning of future trials. Research topics covered include cognitive radio, radar and sensors, healthcare privacy and security, medical sensors and instrumentation, disease management and diagnosis, biomedical signal processing and medical ICT. To advance current knowledge in intelligent wireless networks for medical ICT applications, research partnerships were strengthened and long-term cooperation was forged through staff exchanges and networking activities. Specifically, the international research staff exchange scheme totalled about 87 months in secondments. In all, 30 research assistants and graduate and doctoral students were trained. Two international workshops were organised in China and Italy. Over 80 papers were published in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. More than 10 patents have been applied for. During the project, over EUR 10 million was secured in research grants for relevant initiatives. A sustainable network was established with several universities in China and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. By developing an integrated cognitive network platform, CONHEALTH should pave the way for reliable, comprehensive and efficient data acquisition from various medical sensors and devices, and their harmonious transmission and delivery to remote caregivers. It has the potential to influence actual clinical trials on cognitive networks down the road. Progress in this area will ultimately enhance the relationship between technology and cognitive science.


Intelligent wireless networks, medical ICT, cognitive science, CONHEALTH, proactive healthcare

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