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"Multimodal, Efficient Transportation in Airports and Collaborative Decision Making"

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Improving access for airport passengers

An EU team aimed to expand collaborative decision making as applied to aviation (A-CDM) to handle crises and the landside part of airports. Work involved gathering and implementing the passenger-focused suggestions of stakeholders having experience with such systems.

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A-CDM has a record of success, for example in minimising the delay consequences of missed air traffic control slots. However, the present system cannot deal with crisis events nor airport transportation access (including roads and parking), thus warranting an expansion. The EU-funded 'Multimodal, efficient transportation in airports and collaborative decision making' (META-CDM) project aimed to define the future of A-CDM. The vision incorporated CDM techniques for handling major disruption and to prioritise passengers. The three-member project ran between July 2012 and June 2014. Initially, the consortium reviewed and consolidated existing CDM activities. That initial knowledge base formed the basis for subsequent gathering of information from stakeholders. Project researchers interviewed stakeholders who had previously dealt with disruptive events. The interviews focused on interaction with A-CDM in those instances and on potential improvements. The team concluded that airside and landside CDM can be united as a total airport CDM concept. However, ability to handle disruption may require CDM reaching beyond airport precincts, to incorporate other transportation nodes and passengers. The consortium identified means by which such goals could be achieved, and the necessary milestones. Recommended targets included focus on passengers' complete journey, and access to real-time information concerning flight delays, traffic congestion and anticipated airport processing time. In the event of crisis, passengers would be able to make alternative transportation arrangements. The group held a series of three stakeholder workshops. META-CDM efforts yielded coordination of various travel stakeholders, who were able to compare strategies for handling disruption. Furthermore, the consortium's review benefited research in the field, while also providing a specific roadmap for implementation.


Airport, collaborative decision making, aviation, airport transportation, disruptive events

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