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Towards an Atlantic area? Mapping trends, perspectives and interregional dynamics between Europe, Africa and the Americas

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The dynamics and implications of a changing Atlantic area

Africa, Latin America and a newly energised Arab region are all increasing their interregional connections and pushing forward in global affairs. EU-funded researchers examined changing relationships between Atlantic countries, detailing economic impacts as well as concerns regarding security, governance and the environment.

Climate Change and Environment

Through an analysis of fundamental trends in the Atlantic basin, the project ATLANTIC FUTURE (Towards an Atlantic area? Mapping trends, perspectives and interregional dynamics between Europe, Africa and the Americas) revealed how changing economic, governance, energy, security, cultural, institutional and environmental links are transforming the wider Atlantic space. Research focused on four themes (economics and finance; security; people and institutions; and resources and the environment). The work took stock of the changing global context throughout its duration, including the strengthening once again of the EU-United States link and improved growth rates as countries started to emerge from the financial crisis. Key deliverables include a greater understanding of the Atlantic political space and shifts in North America-Europe, north-south and south-south links. Also, datasets and visualisations were produced that helped map change and establish empirical evidence on a wide range of related issues. The study considered the perceptions of a plurality of stakeholders, and analysed region-to-region relations to identify prospects for and challenges and risks of improving cooperation on Atlantic issues and global challenges. ATLANTIC FUTURE worked to project trends and outline possible future scenarios, and assessed the potential policy implications of emerging trends. This informed a set of policy recommendations on how the EU should engage with partners in the Atlantic. Dissemination activities included summary leaflets, a short promotional video, various public events and engaging with wider audiences on social media platforms. In collaboration with most consortium partners, the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs organised the final dissemination event 'A transformed Atlantic space: Emerging trends and future scenarios for Europe'. ATLANTIC FUTURE produced, among others, concept papers, country- and organisational-specific as well as comparative interview reports, policy papers and the scientific paper 'The Atlantic within the Atlantic'. The project's work has also been presented in an edited volume, 'Atlantic Future – Shaping a new hemisphere for the 21st century Africa, Europe and the Americas'. Overall, the work sheds light on the transformations taking place in international relations, marked by a redistribution of power among state actors, as well as from state actors to non-state actors. It supports awareness of the dynamics of interregional Atlantic relations, with implications for the decision-making process of stakeholders.


Atlantic area, security, governance, ATLANTIC FUTURE, interregional dynamics, emerging trends

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