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Content archived on 2023-04-13

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International conference envisages better data visualisation that serves European citizens

How do we make sense of endless reams of data in the age of Big Data? How do we use it creatively and innovatively? The EU DataViz 2019 conference explores the world of data visualisation and how it can benefit Europe’s public sector.

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Have you ever stared at a spreadsheet filled with data without being able to make out a trend? If you have, then you know how important data visualisation can be. Data visualisation tools such as tables, graphs and maps provide an effective way to see and understand patterns and trends in data. In the world of Big Data, and the massive amounts of data we are subjected to, being able to analyse this information in order to make informed decisions becomes even more essential. An international conference exploring and highlighting the importance of data visualisation is being held in Luxembourg later this year. Called EU DataViz 2019, the conference is the first of its kind to address the needs of the community engaged in data visualisation for Europe’s public sector.

Who will attend?

EU DataViz 2019 is bringing together experts, practitioners and solution seekers to delve into the world of data visualisation. Participants will be given the chance to gain new knowledge and skills on data visualisation techniques, exchange best practices, showcase relevant projects, and find out about new trends and innovative ideas. The more than 350 participants who will be attending the conference include public sector staff at EU, national and regional levels, academics, researchers, data visualisation professionals, data journalists and graphic designers.

What’s in the programme?

In addition to inspirational plenary speeches, stands and posters, the EU DataViz 2019 programme will also feature 10 thematic sessions. The sessions will focus on the role of data visualisation in policymaking, creative techniques for presenting statistics, geospatial data, data visualisation in the service of citizens and tools for data visualisation. Speakers will also share new ways to present reports, guide participants in designing beautiful data visualisations, discuss urban data visualisation in the context of smart cities, present approaches to data storytelling, and share their views on emerging technologies and the future of data visualisation. EU DataViz 2019 is taking place on 12 November. The conference’s organiser is the Publications Office of the European Union. For more information, please see: EU DataViz 2019 website