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How will tenants save money with renewable energies?

As Germany's recent Tenant Electricity Act opens the door to the so-called tenant electricity, Dresden unveils its "Smart Tenants" project to help them saving energy, money and protecting the climate.


Before mid-2017, Germany homeowners had difficulties transferring the electricity generated by the own photovoltaic systems installed in their rooftops to the respective homes of their tenants. This is now made possible thanks to the recent Renewable Energy Sources Act. Together with the Tenant Electricity Act, tenants will also have receive cost benefits produced by renewable energies. To ensure the accountability of this green solution, metering and billing issues need to be addressed; very few projects have started working on these problems in the whole Germany. As part of the Smart City MAtchUP project, DREWAG developed its "Smart Tenant" project catered to the city of Dresden. In accordance to the country's regulatory framework, DREWAG provides tenants renewable local energy at an affordable price. The city is quite popular for its technological expertise and its ICT infrastructures. Its municipality has been investing a lot on energy efficiency and smart mobility solutions; under the MAtchUP project, DREWAG together with other local partners aims at creating a smart city that is Ready for Climate Change. To read the full article:


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