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CodeIT Electronic Manufacturing Record Book

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Disruptive software solution seamlessly processes manufacturing documentation

An EU initiative is aiming for the wide market uptake of a breakthrough solution that collects and collates all required data and documents in manufacturing. The ICT solution heralds a new era in supply chain management with simplified and complete product life-cycle management and resource management.

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In 2017, tracking and traceability specialists CodeIT, a Norwegian industrial automation SME, developed a unique new tool for handling production and manufacturing documentation called CodeIT eMRB (electronic Manufacturing Record Book). The EU-funded eMRB project seeks to commercialise “the world’s first and only cloud-based software solution specifically for the automatic creation and validation of digital MRBs,” says Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO of project coordinator CodeIT.

Making MRB compilation easier, faster and cheaper

CodeIT eMRB securely stores all MRB documentation in the cloud and allows access to individual documents. This reduces quality assurance (QA) costs. It requires no installation. Users manage access. CodeIT eMRB is often part of a wider range of information software like enterprise resource planning, document control, QA, mechanical completion and logistics. To enable effective integration with these, a robust application programming interface is built into CodeIT eMRB. Simplifying traceability is one major benefit CodeIT eMRB offers. Traditionally, manufacturing documentation is compiled in large binders and stored. Searches are done manually. With CodeIT eMRB, each certificate, report or document is stored and tracked individually, and retrievable online instantaneously. Another major benefit is fast and early access to documentation. Operators often require MRBs be delivered together with the purchased equipment. This can be impossible for contractors, since some documentation isn’t ready until very late in a project. CodeIT eMRB solves this by compiling MRBs online on the fly. However, other documentation like material certificates is ready early. The QA team needs to verify such documentation as part of the mechanical completion process. Until now, QA personnel had to perform site visits at manufacturers to verify these early documents manually because MRBs couldn’t be delivered until later. CodeIT eMRB makes this documentation available online from day one, eliminating the need for site visits for verification.

CodeIT eMRB gaining significant market traction

Although the initial driving force was a solution for oil and gas projects, the CodeIT eMRB team has been busy upscaling the product for use by any industry, any company size and anywhere in the world. Pilots have been undertaken with partners in different industries. They have successfully demonstrated the commercial potential of CodeIT eMRB and resulted in signed contracts. One notable example is Aker Solutions, a global provider of products, systems and services to the energy industry. After signing an agreement with CodeIT, the company is now implementing CodeIT eMRB as a mandatory supplier and customer portal to gather and present all production documentation. This reflects Aker’s acknowledgement that maximum benefits and cost savings are achieved when use of CodeIT eMRB is written into equipment specs. In addition, CodeIT eMRB promises users massive cost savings and a competitive edge. According to Torsnes, the cost of documentation in traditional oil and gas projects can be 30 % of the total price. “If used correctly, CodeIT eMRB will reduce this drastically.” Estimated cost savings for users and their supply chains can be several million euros a year, “but the biggest bonus is the improvement in quality through fast and effective tracking and traceability.”


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