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Introducing the CORDIScovery podcast, a new way to keep up with EU research results

CORDIS is proud to announce the launch of CORDIScovery, our new monthly podcast that dives into some of the key scientific solutions being developed by EU-funded researchers to address the major societal challenges that we all face today.

Climate Change and Environment

Each month, CORDIScovery will bring you an engaging panel discussion with up to three distinguished guests taking a deeper and more intimate look at some of the key burning issues facing our societies that are currently being addressed by innovative EU-funded research. Each discussion is led by our dedicated host, Abigail Acton, whose voice we hope becomes a familiar addition to your podcast schedule over the coming weeks and months! In our first episode, Abigail introduces you to three EU-funded scientists at the forefront of efforts to protect and preserve the world’s vital biodiversity in the face of increasing levels of human intrusion, pollution, habitat destruction and urbanisation. In particular, Pedro Cardoso, of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Rosaleen Duffy, of the University of Sheffield, and Jonas Geldmann, of the University of Copenhagen, discuss how island biodiversity is affected by geographic isolation, invasive species and human activities, how wildlife losses (including due to the illegal wildlife trade) impact biodiversity, ecosystem degradation and human health, and whether protected areas can truly be an effective response to the human encroachment of natural environments.

Get the first CORDIScovery episode now

To explore these and other fascinating ideas discussed by our guests, you can access and download the first episode right now through, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your favourite feeds. You can also keep track of all our podcasts though the CORDIS website at We hope you enjoy the debut episode of CORDIScovery and of course, as with all of our editorial products, if you have any constructive feedback, we’re always happy to hear from you! So, do indeed send us any comments, questions or suggestions (but hopefully never a complaint!) to the usual email address,

Happy to hear from you!

If you have any feedback, we’re always happy to hear from you! Send us any comments, questions or suggestions to the usual email address,


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