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Kicking up a stink against pollution… with the latest episode of the CORDIScovery podcast!

Pollution affects us all, from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat. Pollution is the largest environmental cause of multiple mental and physical diseases, as well as premature deaths. In this episode of CORDIScovery, we meet three EU-funded researchers who are kicking up a stink against pollution with innovative solutions to tackle this health and environmental scourge.

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In many areas the pandemic has reduced our impact on the natural environment, but what happens when we emerge from the restrictions and fire up our economies once again as is now starting to happen? Will we also be firing up a renewed production of pollution that harms both us and the planet? From oil spills that threaten our seas, to the stinks that ruin our day, pollution touches us at all levels. How can citizen scientists help? What can we do to keep the air around us free of viruses and particulate pollution? Can we really make the polluter pay for oil and waste-water spills in our seas and oceans? In this episode of CORDIScovery, our three EU-funded guests are on hand to try and offers some answers to these questions. Rosa Arias is a chemical engineer with a background in odour pollution and she’s involved in the D-NOSES project that gives people the tools they need to record data from one of the most sensitive sensors we have, our noses! Then Fabio Galatioto explains how he and his colleagues through the APA project have developed disruptive technology to shake up our approach to air purifiers at home, work and on our streets. Finally, Ioannis Dontas, a physicist whose focus is on material and surface sciences, tells us more about how the IMPRESSIVE project is using drones and earth observation data to protect the environment.

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