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Evaluation and Quality in Library Performance Systems

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Cutting-edge European libraries

Libraries are gateways to an infinite amount of information that enhances or facilitates the work of many Europeans, ranging from students and researchers to professionals and government legislators. To improve on quality library management procedures and conduct efficient decision-making techniques, a group of researchers designed an open system that supports quality management and performance measurements in libraries of all types and which will, in effect, allow European libraries to become leaders in the use of information technology.

Digital Economy

The Evaluation and Quality in Library Performance Systems (EQLIPSE) project is an innovative system that assists library professionals and could prove advantageous in terms of library quality management. EQLIPSE is founded on a client-server architecture that is fully compatible with diverse library systems provided by many library suppliers. A key advantage of this technology is that it brings libraries a toolbox approach to quality management techniques and performance measurement methods. Furthermore, this project functions via six work packages. The first analyses library requirements so as to link quality management and performance indicator standards and systems to actual library practices. Consequently, technical issues are examined in order to develop initial functional specifications. Then, these specifications are utilised to create a prototype system. Data tools and collection is the next work package and it involves tool selection and consolidation into the client-server system as well as the construction of a test database. In addition, the prototype system is then tested at two test areas in order to ensure smooth functioning. Finally, the system is tried in six libraries that are representative of all the different kinds of libraries throughout the European Union. In essence, the researchers hope that this new technology will assist European libraries in becoming leaders in the efficient use of information technology within library management and decision-making.

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