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Enhancing Knowledge Management in Enterprises

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Training helicopter pilots and technicians on-line

Contributing to the knowledge management principals, a French helicopter manufacturer has developed a Web-Based Training (WBT) course for both helicopter pilots and technicians.

Climate Change and Environment

Featuring a pragmatic approach to the creation of a significant industrial application, this WBT deals with complex manufacturing and client support systems. Primarily focussing on the design and development of customised courses for helicopter buyers in distributed sites it can be adapted to various concepts, methods and tools. Based upon a progressive learning approach from beginners to advanced levels, the two training courses have three modules for technicians and two levels for pilots. Each module is comprised of several different levels known as building blocks. The building blocks are linked to the other modules and at the end of each block, a small examination is provided to test the students' knowledge. For both WBTs, the main subjects that are to be incorporated into the respective levels and modules have been identified and defined. In addition the metadata that is allocated to the learning objects for information retrieval has also been identified thus enabling ease of retrieval. As a result of the content so far achieved for the first WBT modules, it has now been converted into the appropriate formats. For the future, the main objectives are to improve business operations in the selected applications and show how knowledge management can be adopted by partner organisations. As for the application itself, the customer will have easy access to the knowledge needed to design training courses and will be able to benefit from on-line guidance.

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