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Key Performance Factor Assessment and Valorisation for Successful EU-FP Project Participation of innovative SMEs in the Area of HEALTH

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What performance factors lead to better results?

EU funds are available to boost innovation and drive research and technological development. For them to be fully exploited, however, policymakers need to have a better picture of what factors contribute to success.


For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take full advantage of the funds and resources available to them, it is necessary to know more about key performance factors (KPFs). This will also help set a basis for recognising which projects are more likely to succeed as well as for setting objectives and intermediate performance targets. Also, by identifying and analysing KPFs, high-tech and research-intensive project outcomes can be expedited and dissemination of their results optimised. The 'Key performance factor assessment and valorisation for successful EU-FP project participation of innovative SMEs in the area of Health' (Kappa-health) project is working to identify the key performance factors contributing to successful participation of SMEs in certain Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7 respectively). The focus is on assessing projects and determining how their outcomes can be exploited to meet user needs (valorisation) in terms of market success, sustainable business and effective partnering. Special attention is being given to the connection between FP6 and FP7 collaborative projects and the ability of partner SMEs to attract additional funding thanks to heightened visibility and access to large networks and information. In work performed during the first 18 months of this EU-funded project, Kappa-health members set out to identify 10 KPFs that will eventually form a preferred 'check-list' for SMEs. This list can be used to highlight what to take into consideration for better results in life sciences and health-related research projects. Project partners will work with 40 SMEs to achieve Kappa-health goals. Taking it a step further, select SMEs stand to profit directly from training, support and motivational coaching.

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