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EU research seeks Latin links

After building strong research ties with the Balkans, Asia and the Mediterranean region, the EU is looking to Latin America and the Caribbean to form stronger research ties.

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The region of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is rich in knowledge and unrealised potential in terms of research and development. If this often overlooked part of the world is offered opportunities to link with Europe, both sides of the Atlantic can benefit. The EU-funded project 'Connecting High-Quality Research between the European Union and Latin American and Caribbean Countries' (LAC-Access) aimed to bridge these regions together. It looked into linking notable research organisations in the LAC with those of the EU in order to increase the participation of LAC members in EU research projects. The project identified potential LAC research partners and established an updatable electronic database to help interested parties access the information. It funded the participation of LAC researchers and experts at European conferences and supported sustainable mechanisms for building links. Among these was a proposal to create a liaison office and National Contact Points (NCPs) in LAC countries on a permanent basis so as to foster communication among stakeholders. Moreover, LAC-Access ensured transfer of information on LAC research to EU stakeholders, disseminating to them existing research efforts and results. It highlighted different organisational cultures and their impacts, as well as areas for improving collaboration and other important aspects of partnership. The project's activities successfully exposed LAC experts and researchers to the European arena and brought the LAC much closer to Europe.

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