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Merging Hydrologic models and EO data for reliable information on Water

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Better models for water management

Changes to the global climate are affecting the availability of and people's need for water. Therefore, an understanding of the processes that determine the availability of water and the ability to forecast its consumption are essential for its proper management.

Climate Change and Environment

The EU-funded 'Merging hydrologic models and EO data for reliable information on water' (MYWATER) project aimed to provide reliable information on water quantity, quality and usage for appropriate water management. This was achieved by carrying out research in three areas: Earth observation (EO), catchment modelling and meteorology. An innovative modelling approach combined diversified input data in order to minimise uncertainty. This improved assessment of the real-time hydrological state of catchments and enhanced short-, medium- and long-term predictions and solutions. Project partners also developed and tested a flood early warning system, support for irrigation activities and reservoir management. Tools developed include catchment models capable of simulating the horizontal and vertical hydrological processes based on EO input data. Web-based services for obtaining, sharing and publishing data were also created. In addition, the technological MYWATER platform will enable users to manage data and evaluate models and support training needs. MYWATER will contribute to better hydrological processes, thereby improving knowledge and enhancing forecasting capabilities. It will also optimise the cost/benefit ratio of water resources monitoring, whilst providing easy, processed and customised access to water information and tools.


Water management, hydrologic models, Earth observation, catchment modelling, meteorology

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