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Specific Programme "Cooperation": Security



European security is a precondition for prosperity and freedom. The need for a comprehensive security strategy encompassing both civil and defence security measures must be addressed.

What's the benefit for citizens:

We need to invest in knowledge and develop further technologies in order to protect our citizens from threats such as terrorism, natural disasters and crime while respecting privacy and safeguarding fundamental rights.
During FP7, EU funded research will tackle themes linked to civil security (anti-terrorism and crisis management) and will contribute to a whole range of Community policies such as transport, mobility, civil protection, energy, environment and health. By co-operating and coordinating efforts on a Europe-wide scale, the EU can better understand and respond to risks in a constantly changing world.

What's the benefit for researchers:

Security related research is expected to generate new knowledge and promote the application of new technologies in the field of civil security.
Research in the timeframe of the FP7 will address the following areas:
• Security of citizens (technology solutions for civil protection, bio-security, protection against crime and terrorism)
• Security of infrastructures and utilities (examining and securing infrastructures in areas such as ICT, transport, energy and services in the financial and administrative domain)
• Intelligent surveillance and border security (technologies, equipment, tools and methods for protecting Europe's border controls such as land and coastal borders)
• Restoring security and safety in case of crisis (technologies and communication, co-ordination in support for civil, humanitarian and rescue tasks)
• Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability (information gathering for civil security, protection of confidentiality and traceability of transactions)
• Security and society (acceptance of security solutions, socio-economic, political and cultural aspects of security, ethics and values, social environment and perceptions of security)
• Security research co-ordination and structuring (co-ordination between European and international security research efforts in the areas of civil, security and defence research)

What's the benefit for industry and SMEs:

Security research will reinforce the competitiveness of the European security industry by stimulating the cooperation of providers and users for civil security solutions. It will also draw the best intellectual and technological skills across Europe through the active involvement of SMEs.