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Smart integrated biodiagnostic systems for healthcare


Driven by clinical applications and MNT and IST technology, SmartHEALTH will develop an open integrated architecture for new biodiagnostic systems to support European companies exploiting bioassays or new application concepts. Initial system has a disposable fluidic cartridge with a desktop basestation linking to the ambient eHealth environment - health cards, patient data, online services. This concept will be miniaturised and cost engineered into a portable and consumer product. It will perform multianalyate sensing and interpretation, for nucleic acids, proteins and others and will handle multiple biological sample types.

Results will be interpreted and presented using bioinformatics. Systems will be healthcare user identity and ambient environment aware, respecting confidentiality and information access rights. The IP will enable enhanced medical diagnosis, leading to earlier and more precise results contributing to an increased quality of life as well as increasing the competitiveness of the European IVD sector. The IP will include: selection of probes, sample preparation, fluid handling, concentration, filtering; sensors and transducers, (label free systems and rapid nucleic acid detection systems); surface modification/integration of nanoscale elements; system development - controllers, actuators, data processing, communications and integration with ambient intelligence, on-line information services; understanding of fit to healthcare, input to medical management - user factors, costs, approvals, regulations, ethics.

Clinical areas are in Cancer Diagnostics - breast cancer recurrence monitoring, cervical cancer case finding, colorectal cancer - diagnostic/theranostic/prognostics. Each application includes clinical validation and commercial exploitation partners. The consortium is a powerful set of 3 Universities, 9 Research Institutions, 10 SMEs, 4 larger Companies and 4 Clinical Groups covering all the relevant issues.


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