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Traceability at wine industry through integrated labelling of typicality, health protection effect and organoleptic attributes

Descripción del proyecto

Cómo el rastreo de botellas puede proteger la industria vitivinícola

Cada año, la industria vitivinícola pierde miles de millones de euros debido a los vinos falsificados y a los comercios ilegales. El proyecto TRACEWINDU, financiado con fondos europeos, tiene por objetivo garantizar y mejorar la trazabilidad del vino en toda la cadena de valor, con etiquetado inteligente y registro de datos mediante tecnología de cadena de bloques. Esto permitirá que consumidores compren basándose en información completa y fiable sobre el proceso de producción. Además de esto, el proyecto trabaja en la mejora de la productividad de los viñedos mediante el uso de productos fitosanitarios y de análisis del origen geográfico como parte de una estrategia de enfoque múltiple para garantizar la trazabilidad o autenticación del vino.


The wine market has changed dramatically in the last fifty years, moving from small national markets, scarcely spread and limited to specialists, to the globalized web revolution. Wine industry represents an important part of both agriculture and food industry in many countries (i.e ES, FR and IT represent alone a total of 32% of world vineyard surface area, being within top 5 world producers of grapes in 2018). However, wine industry is threatened by counterfeit products and illicit trades. The overall research and technology development goal of TRACEWINDU is to improve productivity of vineyards by using novel combination of Plant Protection Products while simultaneously geographic origin analysis is integrated in a multi-approach strategy to ensure wine traceability/authentication. Such approach will be correlated with the obtained outputs of sensory analysis to generate a labelling score chart data in form of product passport included in smart tags. The smart tag are physical labels with unique item-level identifiers in form of QR codes for digital and dynamic information sharing and provisioning of all relevant product information throughout product’s lifecycle, and transparency of product data facilitating decentralized blockchain technology. Through implemented smart tags, TRACEWINDU supports tracing bottles back directly to producer and each time a bottle changes hands, the origin is updated, and ownership is transferred, and those bottles certified at the time and place of production, by producers will carry even more value in secondary markets. Overall, TRACEWINDU aims to foster, improve and develop permanent international and inter-sector collaboration between academic research centers and private sector, enhancing the exchange of knowledge, best practices, know-how, innovations, experience, mutual cooperation and culture of work at different regions and countries (ES, FR, IT, ME, RS, AR) through a series of scheduled secondments.


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