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PERformance-based Formal modelling and Optimal tRaffic Management for movING-block RAILway signalling

Project description

Formal modelling and optimal traffic management for GNSS based moving block systems

EU-funded PERFORMINGRAIL aims to delineate, through formal modelling and optimal traffic management, a moving block railway signalling using advanced GNSS based train positioning approaches that mitigate potential hazards in the diverse market segments. The project implements a holistic system approach to address the challenges for the moving block and virtual coupling concepts in terms of safe operational principles and specifications, reliable train integrity monitoring, TIM technologies, safe GNSS based train localisation and optimised traffic management algorithms. The main objectives of the project are to enhance and verify existing specifications for moving block signalling, while developing formal models, algorithms and proof of concepts to test and validate an integrated future moving block system architecture that will provide safe and effective operational performances.


PERFORMINGRAIL will support the activities of the IP2 Adaptable Communications Technology Demonstrator, by helping to bring the developments as close as possible to the market but also supporting to update the regulatory framework.
In accordance with the objectives of the IP2 TD2.4 Fail Safe Train Positioning (including GNSS) described in the S2R Multi Annual Action Plan (MAAP), in the field of Train Localisation (based on the use of combined technologies such as for example EGNSS, IMU, kinematics, Digital Map) the main objectives of PERFORMINGRAIL are to contribute with:
∙ Enhanced railways Fault Detection and Exclusion algorithms for addressing local feared events;
∙ Data fusion algorithms suitable for railway safe applications,
∙ EGNSS monitoring techniques based on carrier phase measurement and multi-frequency technology;
∙ To help promote the use of formal methods as a means to check safety of advanced railway operation (in accordance with IP2 TD2.7); and
To provide Independent Assessment Report on the proposed technologies and solutions.

The aim of PERFORMINGRAIL is to delineate through, formal modelling and optimal traffic management, a moving block railway signalling that mitigates potential hazards in the diverse market segments.

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