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Remote Rehabilitation Service for Isolated Areas

Project description

Disruptive solution for rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is key to helping individuals such as those who have suffered from a stroke get back on their feet and improve or maintain abilities needed for everyday life. It is often a lengthy process that is taxing on clinical resources. In some remote areas in Europe, depopulation increases the need for rehabilitation services which are often limited. Addressing this, the EU-funded ROSIA project aims to develop a model of care that is organised around self-management and self-care to boost the quality of care and the use of clinical resources. Focusing on the current market of disruptive solutions for home rehabilitation, the project will create the ROSIA Innovation Ecosystem.


Some pathologies like stroke, heart attack, COVID-19 or hip-replacement, may have a dramatic impact in the people health and well-being. Rehabilitation has the potential to reduce, and even reverse these impacts. However, it is a long, intensive in clinical resources, and painful process. Rehabilitation is already insufficiently used, and the ageing population is increasing its demand.
Remote areas in some European regions face depopulation. It increases the need of age-related care, and that includes rehabilitation, while resources keep limited and inconveniences of traveling makes the treatment painful and even unfeasible.
ROSIA proposes to generate a flexible and scalable value-based model of care, organized around self-management, or self-care. of rehabilitation at home, designed from a tailored integrated care model which optimizes the quality of care and the use of clinical resources. Also a strong implication of the community is needed.
This model of care is extensive in its use of technology: (i) disruptive solutions at home, (ii) data driven interventions, and (iii) an open platform for third party solutions that integrates timely and effective communication.
To make it feasible ROSIA plans to unlock the current market of disruptive solutions for home rehabilitation by the development of the ROSIA Innovation Ecosystem, to enable clinicians prescribing certified solutions, and facilitating to SMEs and researchers the access to health care system.
Patient experience and ethics plays a main role in our methodology for development.
ROSIA buyers’ group represents three different European healthcare systems: SALUD, a regional authority from Spain; Coimbra Univ. Hospital from Portugal and National Rehabilitation Hospital from Ireland. Validation will take place in two shires/localities per country.
ROSIA includes specialized partners in: integrated care, data management and open platforms,value-based health, patient experience, PCP, coordination and dissemination.

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