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Intervention in Neurodegenerative disorders via Mechanistic INsight into liquid-like Droplets

Project description

Exploring the mechanism of protein aggregation in neurodegenerative disorders

Cells carry out most biochemical processes in membrane-bound or membraneless organelles. Recent evidence suggests that liquid–liquid phase separation (LLPS) is the key mechanism that drives proteins into forming membraneless organelles. The EU-funded InMIND project is interested to understand how LLPS is implicated in neurodegenerative disorders, where intrinsically disordered proteins form insoluble aggregates and cause neuronal dysfunction and death. The project will unveil the molecular determinants of LLPS and screen small-molecule compounds that prohibit the formation of biomolecular condensates, opening avenues for innovative therapeutic strategies in neurodegenerative disorders.


Net EU contribution
€ 219 312,00
Norregade 10
1165 Kobenhavn

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Danmark Hovedstaden Byen København
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 219 312,00