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Gender and Bicycling Aesthetics: the potentiel for the sustainable city of gender construction processes across cycling practices, equipment and infrastructure.

Project description

How gender intersects with cycling

Up until the 1900s, bicycles were widely considered masculine accessories. Today, the bicycle is a vector of sustainable lifestyles and consequently a factor of sustainable mobility. Its development and spread, however, remains hampered by gender norms. To create more sustainable cities, understanding how gender intersects with aesthetics and bicycling practices, equipment and infrastructure are crucial. The EU-funded SENCyclo project will examine how the aesthetical experience creates tension with the predominant rules of femininity and masculinity, affecting gender formation and deconstruction. Focusing on French and Swiss cycling policies, it will develop an innovative, interdisciplinary, comparative, and multi-level method to study sensible resonances between infrastructure, environment, equipment, and gender bodies.


Net EU contribution
€ 196 707,84
5 Boulevard Descartes Campus De Marne-la-valle
77454 Marne-la-vallee

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 196 707,84