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Development of a Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation Technology for Valorisation of Ulva spp. from Macroalgal Blooms

Project description

Optimising saccharification and fermentation technologies, valorising macroalgae blooms

Uncontrolled macroalgal blooms are on the rise, partly due to the increased eutrophication of the marine environment caused by anthropomorphic industrial and agricultural activities. The green opportunistic macroalgae genus Ulva thrives in such conditions accounting for over half of global blooms. While environmental and economic problems are associated with these blooms, the biomass generated could be economically rewarding if utilised appropriately. The EU-funded MACSSFT project will develop a suitable technology to saccharify both ulvan and cellulose from the biomass and ferment all monosaccharides present in the hydrolysate to value-added products. Novel and commercial enzymes will be trialled for saccharification and fermentation optimised to minimise resource inputs and generate minimum waste streams. The developed process could be used industrially.


Net EU contribution
€ 337 400,64
Visualisation Centre Penglais
SY23 3BF Aberystwyth
United Kingdom

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Wales West Wales and The Valleys South West Wales
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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