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LEGACIES : Understanding how historical states have shaped modern institutions and dissent

Project description

Historical states: gone but not forgotten

The political map was a lot different in the 18th and 19th centuries, when there were hundreds of independent states. Even though they no longer appear on today’s maps, they are not forgotten. They are ‘historical states’ that have left behind institutions, symbols and elite networks. The ERC-funded LEGACIES project will explore the impacts of historical states on patterns of conflict and democracy in the modern world. It will apply a new method to generate high-resolution data on the topographies of statehood, globally, between 1750-1920. Based on this new method, the project will transcend 2D Cartesian mapping assumptions. It will use the high-resolution LEGACIES' data to estimate how historical statehood has shaped contemporary patterns of dissent and democracy.


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