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The Anarchist Translation Flows and World Literature Project (ARGOT)


Anarchist periodicals worldwide historically offered readers an uncommon and often outlawed experience of world literature. Yet, their countless literary translations, as well as the editors and translators involved in this circulation, have been largely ignored by anarchist, literary and translation studies. Data driven approaches, along with the rise of digital archives, make it possible, for the first time, to carry out a comprehensive, large-scale study of these translations by considering periodicals in multiple languages, a wide geopolitical space (several port cities in the Americas and Southern Europe) and a critical period for both literary and anarchist history, 1890-1910. Thus, ARGOT will unveil the significant contribution of anarchist periodicals to world literature by taking into account the people who enacted this transfer. With a specific focus on women and their role in thriving translation flows, ARGOT pursues three main goals: 1. to identify the literary translations that appeared in anarchist periodicals in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Río de Janeiro, Havana, New York, Lisbon or Barcelona; 2. to rediscover the cultural mediators involved in these translations (particularly women), and 3. to address the multilingualism of anarchist communities through a spatial approach. These goals will be achieved using an innovative, interdisciplinary methodology that combines data mining and computational science, anarchist, literary and translation history, and women’s and gender studies. By making freely available two open-access reusable databases on translated texts, translators and publishers, ARGOT will shift our understanding of anarchist periodicals in the circulation of world literature and shed light on exciting new connections. From a personal perspective, the MSCA-IF will greatly contribute to my career as a strong and highly skilled researcher in translation, literary, anarchist studies and digital humanities.


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