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Bridging Risks to an Inclusive Digital and Green future by Enhancing workforce Skills for industry 5.0

Project description

Preparing the workforce for Industry 5.0

The onset of Industry 4.0 brought about many changes and numerous novel opportunities. It also created jobs which revolutionised the market and showcased the need for a skilled workforce. Unfortunately, the rapid advancements give little opportunity or time for workers to acquire new skills. In preparation for the arrival of Industry 5.0 the EU-funded BRIDGES 5.0 project will tackle this problem. It will research the changes and advancements in jobs and skill requirements, and evaluate the efficiency of new training and teaching concepts. Finally, it will collaborate with stakeholders to develop a platform for the efficient training of workers.


BRIDGES 5.0 bridges risks to an inclusive digital and green future by enhancing workforce skills for Industry 5.0. To achieve this ambition, four objectives are central: (1) Quantitatively map how jobs are transforming and what new green and digital jobs are emerging in Industry 4.0; and qualitatively understand Industry 5.0 requirements (human- and socio-centric, sustainable and resilience) for these jobs and company practices; (2) Map Industry 5.0 skills and skill gaps at the EU-level and five EU-institutional contexts for emerging green and digital jobs; and enable monitoring of skill gaps using skills taxonomies/standards; (3) Set up learning trajectories and training pathways, using the enriched Teaching and Learning Factories concepts, and experiment with these interventions to reduce skill gaps for four target groups, i.e. managers, employees, jobseekers and students; (4) Engage a range of industry and related stakeholders at regional, national and EU levels and co-produce a web platform called Industry 5.0 Platform. The platform facilitates social innovation in the learning field and provides these stakeholders and target groups with recommendations and instruments for new learning and training systems.
The outcomes contribute to the right supply of skilled workers who will enable companies to optimise the gains from digital technology and the right skills to deal with the digital and green transition to achieve a sustainable, resilient and fairer future for Europe.
Stakeholders commitment is crucial to the success of Industry 5.0 and BRIDGES 5.0 creates a unique consortium collaboration between researchers, 8 EU-industrial companies, 9 Industry 4.0 ecosystems and the main EU social partners. An interactive process is created between stakeholders to align with their differing interests and the research results, produced in 7 steps, will be a vital resource for the stakeholders. A business plan supports the sustainability of the Industry 5.0 Platform.



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