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Advanced systems and soLutions for Better practices AgainsT hazaRds in the aviatiOn System


ALBATROS overarching ambition is to maintain a high level of safety in aviation in view of extreme weather conditions, expected changes brought about by the evolution of aviation systems especially new fuel and energy systems (including hydrogen) which will be integrated in the coming years to both future aircraft and airport infrastructures. ALBATROS activities target the increased resilience against safety issues both on the ground and in flight to ensure the survival of passengers and crew as well as their evacuation and rescue in case of emergencies. ALBATROS objectives are to:
- Develop a concept for real‐time sharing of safety intelligence to support decision making on safety issues, emergencies and crises;
- Develop safety risk models and analyse safety data for prediction and prevention of emerging and future hazards in aviation (linked to Data4Safety);
- Develop survivability measures to mitigate safety issues and risks;
- Assess and improve human performance and develop best practices for decision making in the handling of crises and emergency situations;
- Validate and demonstrate concepts, technologies and decision support tools (exercises at airports, simulations and laboratory tests conducted in close collaboration with EACCC, GADSS and ACI-Europe);
- Disseminate, communicate, and exploit project key results and outcomes (including through emergency response training & exercises).
ALBATROS will work on maturing technologies and solutions up to TRL6 which will be compatible with EACCC and GADSS requirements. Initially, scenarios, requirements, concepts of use and relevant technologies will be agreed upon, before development activities are performed on safety modelling and data analysis, survivability as well as decision support tools and best practices. The results of these developments will then be integrated and validated through 15 demonstrations in relevant environments across Europe (airports, flight simulators or crisis centres).


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