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Integrated holographic management map for safety and crisis events

Risultati finali

Project Management Plan and execution

Project management plan created in M6 and reports on project execution issued on M12 M24 and M36 which will include project coordination and management risk management deliverable peer review overall technical performanceAssociated Tasks and relative contributorsT61 Project management ITH All

Functional/Technical requirements & System architecture

It details functional and technical requirements system architecture data formats flow interfacesAssociated Tasks and relative contributorsT12 Functional requirements CBK ITH LINKS ISQ ENG ROB INESCTEC HOLO CINAMIL T13 System architecture and technical requirements ENG ITH LINKS ISQ CBK ROB INESCTEC HOLO CINAMIL

Dissemination and Communication Plan

Planning of all project dissemination and communication activitiesAssociated Tasks and relative contributorsT51 Dissemination and communication ALPHA all

End-users requirements

Identification of enduser requirements and usecasesAssociated Task and relative contributorsT11 Enduser requirements usecases CINAMIL ITH LINKS ISQ CBK ENG ROB INESCTEC HOLO

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