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Climate-aware Resilience for Sustainable Critical and interdependent Infrastructure Systems enhanced by emerging Digital Technologies

Project description

Improving decision-making and response time for iTESLA hazards

Transport accounts for nearly one quarter of global energy-related CO2 emissions, with nearly all of the world’s transport energy coming from burning fossil fuels. In this context, the MSCA-funded ReCharged project aims to find solutions to reverse this trend. It will design and introduce an innovative integrated framework and practical visualisation platform that will help improve climate resilience and whole-life carbon emissions assessments in interdependent transport and energy systems, lifelines and assets (iTESLA). To do this, the project team will utilise digital solutions that calculate the functionality of recovered iTESLA from hazards. This in turn will allow for overcoming issues generated from interdependencies in these systems, thus providing improved decision-making and reduced carbon emissions from hazards and disruptions to infrastructure.


ReCharged is a transformative project that has the vision to develop a new integrated framework toward a practical visualisation platform in order to optimise and streamline climate resilience and whole-life carbon emission assessments for interdependent Transport and Energy Systems, Lifelines and Assets (iTESLA). To achieve this, ReCharged harnesses the power of digital technologies and data to quantify the functionality and recovery of iTESLA after hazards. This is in response to the lack of methods of assessment and communicable visualisations of consolidated climate resilience and whole-life carbon emission metrics for iTESLA. ReCharged will account for interdependencies that lead to failure propagation in transport and energy systems, to accelerate post-hazard recovery, mitigate losses and societal ramifications due to climate change. In doing so, ReCharged underpins synergies and participatory decision-making to combat siloed thinking in infrastructure management. This project will lead to 50% faster decision-making in iTESLA management, 50% reduction of carbon emissions for the two case studies analysed, create new jobs, and make Europeans fit for the Digital Age.
ReCharged is a synergy that combines the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge and tailored training of staff, through an alliance between leading academic institutions, industrial partners, SMEs, and a research and technology center. All beneficiaries are committed to exploiting and transferring their skills and knowledge, to incentivise data-driven resilience toward climate adaptation and reduce emissions in critical infrastructure. ReCharged will augment researchers’ skills and career perspectives, create a community of practitioners, improve critical infrastructure, and ultimately make people feel safer.


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