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European Bus Rapid Transit of 2030: electrified, automated, connected


Dissemination & communication strategy

Report containing the strategy to ensure effective communication to the identified target audiences including local demo dissemination D101 refers to the outcome of Task 101

Data Management Plan

Report on how the consortium will handle data during and after the project compilation to make research data FAIR D12 refers to the outcome of Task 12

Project Management Plan

Report on the process of reporting the roles and responsibilities of partners and project bodies the quality assurance process and the risk management procedures D11 refers to the outcome of Task 11 Task 12 and is linked to MS1

Communication Materials

Report on the developed communication materials such as leaflets and publications D102 refers to the outcome of Task 101 in particular ST 1011

BRT State of Art

Report describing the highlevel BRT system architecture the status of the key areas of characterisation from the interviewed cities and from systems outside Europe D21 refers to the results of Task 21 and is linked to MS2

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