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Heterogeneous Integration for Connectivity and Sustainability

Project description

Developing sustainable edge computing platforms

In a centralised platform, all computing resources and services are provided from a central location or data centre. This offers high scalability, flexibility and availability, and users can access the cloud services and data remotely through the internet. In this context, the EU-funded HICONNECTS project aims to develop cloud and edge computing platforms that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and bring cloud services closer to end users. The project involves the development of high-performance computing, storage infrastructure and network interfaces, as well as real-time analysis of IoT sensors and big data. The main technology underlying the project combines traditional silicon wafers, high-speed electronics, and photonics devices. Overall, it will demonstrate a leap in computing and networking reliability and performance.


The challenges and major HiCONNECTS objectives are to transform the centralized cloud platform to decentralized platforms which include edge cloud computing in a sustainable, energy-efficient way. This will bring cloud services including Artificial Intelligence (AI) closer to the IOT end-users, which enables them to really use the COT and IOT efficiently.
The technologies underpinning this revolutionary step include the development of high-performance computing, storage infrastructure, network interfaces and connecting media , and the analysis of IOT sensors and big data in real-time. This major step forward will enable, for example, the mobile clients (during the 5G deployment phase and 6G exploration) to move among different places with minimum cost, short response time and with stable connection between cloud nodes and mobile devices.
The main underlying technology to be developed by the HiCONNECTS consortium, comprising large industrial players, universities and RTO’s, and many SMEs, can be summarized under the title: ’heterogenous integration’ (HI) which is needed to meet the computing power, bandwidth, latency and sensing requirements for the next generation cloud and edge computing and applications. The HI revolution brings the electronic components and systems (ECS) into a new domain, which combines traditional silicon wafers integrated circuit (IC), InP based high speed electronics , and Si and InP photonics devices and interconnect.
The HiCONNECTS ambition is to demonstrate, through HI development, a leap in computing and networking reliability and performances across the full vertical and horizontal ECS value chain (i.e. essential capabilities and key applications) in a sustainable way. In addition, HiCONNECTS will focus on the development of next generation design, algorithms, equipment (HW/SW), systems and Systems of Systems (SOS).


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