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FARE_AUDIT: Fake News Recommendations - an Auditing System of Differential Tracking and Search Engine Results


Mit Desinformation verknüpfter Browserverlauf Nutzender

Das Internet ist eine hervorragende Informationsquelle. Die sozialen Netzwerke verwenden jedoch Algorithmen, um Beiträge entsprechend den Präferenzen der Nutzerschaft zu fördern. Da die Inhalte auf der Grundlage dessen geliefert werden, was für Nutzende am „interessantesten“ ist, gibt es keine Garantie dafür, dass sie besonders genau sind. Im Rahmen des ERC-finanzierten Projekts FARE_AUDIT wird ein Instrument zur Prüfung von Online-Suchmaschinen erstellt. Ziel ist es, die Transparenz zu erhöhen und deren Einfluss auf die Verbreitung von Desinformation zu verringern. Im Projekt werden verschiedene Browserverläufe generiert und geprüft, wie die Algorithmen der verschiedenen Suchmaschinen diesen Verlauf nutzen, um ihre vorgeschlagenen Ergebnisse zu bewerten. Die Ergebnisse werden Aufschluss darüber geben, wie der Browserverlauf die Ergebnisse von Suchmaschinen beeinflusst und wie hoch die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist, dass man zu Desinformation geleitet wird.


The spread of disinformation is a serious problem that impacts social structure and threatens democracies worldwide. Citizens increasingly rely on (dis)information available online, either somewhat passively, through social media feeds, or actively, by using search engines and specific websites. In both scenarios, algorithms filter and select displayed information according to the users’ past preferences. There is a real risk that algorithms might reinforce the user’s beliefs and create (dis)information bubbles, by offering less divergent views, or even directing them to low-credibility content. For these reasons, serious efforts have been made to identify and remove “fake-news” websites and minimize the spread of disinformation on social media, but we have not witnessed equivalent attempts to understand and curtail the role of search engines. FARE_AUDIT addresses this imbalance and offers an innovative tool to audit search engines that can be broadly used. It will help to 1) better understand how browsing history influences search engine results, particularly the likelihood of being directed to disinformation, 2) create a system that democracy-promoting institutions and concerned citizens can use to identify new disinformation, in near real-time, and 3) breach information bubbles by simulating how search results would be different if users had a different online profile. By relying on web-crawlers, our tool is privacy-protecting and does not require any real user data. Moreover, the proposed system anticipates the announced shift from cookie-tracking to fingerprinting and takes advantage of the expected small time overlap between both systems to learn from both and broaden its scope. Overall, we expect this novel tool to have a meaningful social impact by increasing public awareness of the role of search engines on disinformation spread, and by equipping organizations with a tool to detect and monitor disinformation, especially in political contexts.



€ 150 000,00
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