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Computer Aided Protocol for Customer Relationship Management

Final Activity Report Summary - CREM-PRODE (Computer Aided Protocol for Customer Relationship Management)

The proposed project aimed to reintegrate Dr Kristina Baum into professional career after having benefited of a 24 months Marie Curie Industry Host Fellowship under the Fifth Framework Programme. Amplifon Nederland BV, a Dutch company commercialising hearing aids, and part of a multinational Group leading the hearing aids market, hosted the researcher, offering a permanent employment contract. The hearing aid commercial market is highly fragmented, No standardised protocols exist and the service offered to the final customers is based on the personal initiative and attitude of the audiologists working in the shop the customer goes to. The CREMPRODE project aimed to define a pilot protocol for customer relationship management, based on aided computer approach, in order to guarantee a better quality of service and, as a consequence, the highest level of customer satisfaction. By integrating Amplifon Nederland operations within the IT Platform made of a front system (GOAL SW) and a back-office system (JDEdwards ERP) the following results have been achieved:
- a standard protocol of sales has been implemented in the relationship with the customer; JDE has been successfully implemented. Back-office is working with the new system without problems. The Goal software has been designed and configured according to local needs. The first Goal version has been tested. Due to the complexity of the project, management has decided to follow a step-by-step approach and roll-out Goal after the successful implementation of JDE.
- data (on the market, the customer, the fitting solutions) have been collected to be transformed in valuable information to better fit the offer and share with suppliers. Several direct marketing activities have been implemented. The collection and analysis of data have been improved considerably. Activities are set up in a manner as to fulfil the requirements of the new front-office system.
- existing Business Intelligence system has been implemented. All BI tools are developed and implemented. The basic reports (sales, trials, ASP, duration of trial period, etc.) are available for the Dutch power users.
This will contribute to set a minimum quality standard in the customer relationship management in the hearing aid market all over Europe. This will not only benefit the customer, increasing the general level of the offer and the quality of life of the end users, but will also contribute to European competitiveness. The proposed protocol may be adapted and applied to other similar commercial fields (e.g. prostheses, medical/assistive devices).