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Final Report Summary - BASNET (Baltic States network 'Women in sciences and high technology')

The BASNET project is a logical continuation of the work done by Enwise group. It demonstrated the systematic and complex approach to tackle the gender equality problem in Sciences and HT in the Baltic States. The goal of the project was establishment of the interregional Baltic states network 'Women in sciences and high technology' among women working groups, professional organisations and corresponding departments of the governmental institutions for creation of the common Baltic states strategy to increase women participation in sciences (S) and high technology (HT). With the purpose to ensure a good substantiation and a higher efficiency of the developed strategy much attention was paid to the sociological analysis of factors determining the under representation of women in S and HT in the Baltic states. On the basis of the results obtained for the improvement of women in sciences situation in the region to concentrate the efforts firstly on the improvement of the existing science management policy.

The experience of advanced countries in the realisation of the gender equality in research was studied and used when working out the strategy. The BASNET portal, periodic newsletter and Baltic states women in sciences database with monitoring system was created during the project. The active dissemination of the project results was provided. The book entitled entitled 'Women in sciences and high technology in the Baltic states. Problems and solutions', based on BASNET results was published.

BASNET project has an important impact firstly on women scientists working in S and HT in the region. Participating in the project they became more confident and understood that can change things. Participating in BASNET events the members of scientific communities where women are minority learned more about the equal opportunities problem in sciences. The book entitled 'Women in sciences and high technology in the Baltic states. Problems and solutions', based on BASNET results was published and will be available for public in partner universities libraries. The database of women scientists is giving the opportunity both for closer collaboration between scientists as well as for periodical monitoring of women situation in the region. The unique network between scientists and policy makers allowed overcome institutional barriers and better face to the needs of women scientists.

As a result the Lithuanian national strategy was adapted to all sciences (social and humanitarian) and accepted by Lithuanian government. The financial opportunities for strategy implementation on the national level is on the Lithuanian agenda. Some attempts to improve the situation of women scientists on the basis of BASNET results are discussed in other Baltic states on the governmental level. For the continuation of main project tasks it was decided to establish the association 'BASNET forum.

The mission of BASNET forum is to monitor the implementation of BASNET strategy in the Baltic states region. BASNET became the full conditional member of prestige women organisation European platform of women scientists (EPWS) gaining the opportunity to influence European science policy. The first foreseen event organised with BASNEt assistance will be EPWS conference and assembly in June 2008. The details on BASNET implementation are available on the BASNET site