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Wide Angle and Resolution Metrology


WOOPTIX will upgrade to a 300mm field of view (FoV) metrology system a ready-to-market 50mm field of view Wooptix´s tool, based on a disruptive technology that measures the phase component of a beam of light (wavefront sensor) with a naked sensor, reaching a resolution orders of
magnitude higher than other wavefront sensors. This technology has been patented by the company. The scalability of the solution will present an outstanding business opportunity for WOOPTIX leading the company to achieve an amazing turnover rise. Our semiconductor metrology system is capable
of measuring the full 300mm silicon wafer geometry with a lateral resolution of 3.2µm and a height resolution of 0.3nm acquired in a single image snapshot in 100ms while capturing 15 million data points. The system works by using a standard digital image sensor to acquire the intensity of
the reflected, non-coherent light from the silicon surface at two sperate locations along the optical path.


Net EU contribution
€ 2 500 000,00
C/ O'donnell 12 Planta 8
28009 Madrid

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 3 857 210,00