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“Effect of diet on the mental performance of children”


Current evidence on the effect of diet on mental performance (MP) is largely based on animal, retrospective studies, and short-term nutritional intervention studies in humans. NUTRIMENTHE will significantly improve this knowledge through studying the role, mechanisms, risks & benefits of specific nutrients & food components to respond to specific needs and improve the MP of children. The research will include quantification of the nutrient effects of early programming on later cognitive and mental disorders, effects of food on mental state and MP such as mood, activation, attention, motivation, effort, perception, memory & intelligence and the effects of food on mental illness. NUTRIMENTHE will establish: •A team of leading international scientists (paediatricians, neurospsychologists, psychiatrics) from top academic centres and a leading Food Multinational, providing a critical mass of experts in the effect of diet on children’s MP •Epidemiologic studies to analyse the long-term effects of pre- & early postnatal diet on children’s mental performance & illness •Follow-up of randomised clinical intervention trials with specific nutrients initiated during pregnancy, infancy & childhood •Quantitative requirements of n-3 LCPUFAs in children with restricted diet •Quantitative assessment of the interaction between nutrition & genetic variation with respect to MP •Development of a neuropsychological battery for an EU common assessment of MP •Consistent & clear pan-European recommendations on dietary requirement for children •An increase the EU public knowledge, specifically parents, teachers & industry, laying the basis for appropriate health claims about how diet influences MP in children •Establish the economic opportunity for further product development within EU •Development of a professional & public engaging dissemination programme, to increase excellence & innovation potentials & training in nutrition research linked to cognitive- & neuroscience

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