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Strategic Pan-European Ballistics Intelligence Platform for Combating Organised Crime and Terrorism

Final Report Summary - ODYSSEY (Strategic Pan-European Ballistics Intelligence Platform for Combating Organised Crime and Terrorism)

Executive Summary:
The objective of the Odyssey Project has been to develop a prototype intelligence platform for the secure sharing and manipulation of data about ballistic crimes. Ballistic crimes are those that involve the use of firearms and other weapons, ranging from smuggling and the supply of illegal firearms through to homicides. Although Odyssey focused on ballistics data, the concept and architecture are immediately applicable to other forensic data sets including DNA, fingerprints, mobile phone records, and explosives analysis. The techniques developed within the project for querying and manipulation could be applied to any domain that involves rich data and personal records.
The platform is built on top of a distributed architecture using message queues to link a range of back-end engines that provide the following series of components:
- Security
- Data sharing (data selection and upload, querying, storage of query plans)
- Non-relational data manipulation (semantic querying, data mining and relationship discovery)
- Support for query development (domain-specific query language, intensional support)
- An alerting component which executes queries
Summary description of project context and objectives
The major outputs from the Odyssey Project were:
- A prototype system demonstrating all the key features defined in the user requirements
- A set of data standards and standards recommendation useable by LEAs and system developers for LEAs
- The identification of potential European Standards for ballistics data collection, storage and sharing.
- The demonstration of a secure, interoperable platform for the management of crime information and the sharing of ballistics intelligence.
- The development of techniques for the mining of data and extraction of knowledge about gun crime across the EU.
- Exploitation of automated and semi-automated processing and analysis of crime data to generate Red Flags showing situational awareness through the analysis of complex data with multiple reference models.
- Enhancements to mutual co-operation, security and sustainability across the EU.

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