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Ultrafast Spectroscopies for Dye Sensitised Solar Cell study and Optimisation


The environmental problem is one of the most cared from the international community. In this framework the research in the in the field of production of energy in renewable way can be very important for the future of the planet. The dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) provides a technically and economically credible alternative concept to present day p–n junction photovoltaic devices. However, the precise understanding of physical mechanisms involved in the DSSC is still missing. The simultaneous presence of electrons, holes, excitons and ions in the typical operative condition of the cell, make the description of cell behaviour and its optimisation quite difficult. In this context, ultrafast spectroscopies allow for the identification of the processes involved in the DSSC operation. The main object of the reintegration of the researcher, with a well know experience in ultrafast spectroscopies, consists in the set-up of an ultrafast spectroscopy laboratory in the host institution in order to address several aspects of the photo-electro-chemistry of the DSSC. Different processes, such as the photophysics of the dyes, the electron injection from dye to the semiconductor layer or the evaluation of the time resolved photocurrent of the assembled cell, will be studies for the single elements and for the complete device. This project can be very important for the reintegrated researcher’s carrier allow him to return back in his native country and to be fully integrated into the activities of the hosting Institute: this will include access to the characterization, fabrication and computing facilities, participation in the seminars organized in the Institute and in the Department, involvement in the cooperative projects with national and international partners with concrete perspectives of a long time position in the hosting Insitute.

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