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Promote Air Quality Services integrating Observations – Development Of Basic Localised Information for Europe


Air quality is a crucial environmental factor, e.g. evidenced by the fact that particles in the air are estimated to reduce the lifetime of the average European citizen by 8 months. Assessing and monitoring air quality are thus fundamental to improve Europe’s welfare. PASODOBLE will develop and demonstrate user-driven downstream information services for the public, regional and local air quality sectors by combining space-based and in-situ data with models in 4 thematic service lines: (1) Health community support for hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and people at risk, (2) public information for regions, cities, tourist industry and sporting event organizers, (3) compliance monitoring support on particulate matter for regional environmental agencies and (4) local forecast model evaluation support for local authorities and city bodies. Continuing on the achievements of the ESA GSE PROMOTE project, PASODOBLE will stimulate the development of quality-assured air quality services towards their application market by increasing the implementation efficiency of demonstrated and operational services in the future (new regions, users or parameter combinations, additional service providers). PASODOBLE objectives are: (1) evolution of existing and development of new sustainable air quality services for Europe on regional and local scales, (2) development and testing of a generic service framework for coordinated input data acquisition and customizable user-friendly access to services, (3) utilization of multiple cycles of delivery, use and assessment versus requirements and market planning in cooperation with users and (4) promotion and harmonisation of best practise tools for air quality communities. PASODOBLE comprises an initial phase of requirement analysis, service design, development and implementation, followed by 2 annual demonstration and evaluation cycles in which the services and the generic framework with regard to user needs and business planning will be assessed.

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