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Supporting the roofing SMEs in the development and use of a new generation of roofing materials applicable with fault tolerant procedures, reducing the use of petroleum-based products


One of the most important and costly operations in the construction and maintenance of a building is the insulation of the roof. Current materials used in the application procedures for waterproofing are applied with heat, locally melting the edges to create a continuous impermeable layer. This procedure highly depends on the operators’ skills and it is prone to error and potential leakages. It is also noted that traditional membranes are impregnated with high temperature resistant resins and additives and this creates problems for the environmentally safe recycling of these materials.

Standardization, the cross pollination of best-practices, and the ability of innovative SMEs to bring products to market are extremely problematic in the roofing industry. The value chain of roof insulation is almost totally based on the work, technical experience and skills of SMEs. Roofing associations represent these SMEs and are responsible to introduce new and novel products into standards.

The overall objective of NU-ROOF is to develop an innovative and new generation application of roofing approaches, aimed at ensuring advanced roof insulation while improving the work environment, and enhancing energy efficiency and recyclability, reducing the use of petroleum based products. The project will address the needs of their member SMEs operating in the roofing sector (contractors and material suppliers) to access new multifunctional materials and installation procedures for roof insulation, that could improve their competitiveness and make this step in the construction process easier, safer, more fault tolerant, more energy efficient, and more profitable for all interested parties.

The project will provide roofing Associations and SMEs with a collaborative knowledge-based platform to provide SMEs with a vehicle to accelerate time-to-market for new and innovative products by providing a vehicle for their introduction, dissemination, and demonstration.

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