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Disentanglement of the 1D electronic properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes via separation, co-doping and filling


This project comprises a combined theoretical and experimental approach to engineer substitutionally doped and metallicity separated single walled carbon nanotubes with novel fillings with tailored electronic and optical properties. It aims at significantly advancing the limits of current capabilities that employ functionalized nanotubes with an option to underpin the research field in a short timescale. These predicted and engineered 1D structures act simultaneously as primed bulk n- or p- type material as host for novel fillings (fullerenes, metallocenes, and rare earth compounds) yielding also novel hybrid structures of a metallic core and a semiconducting host. The ultimate goal is a disentanglement of the interplay between charge transfer and hybridizations and bonding environment gaining sound information on the correlated 1D electronic and optical properties with unprecedented level using both the encaged compounds and heteroatoms as tracers. Optical, Raman and high energy spectroscopies and contemporary ab-initio theoretical spectroscopy will be used as a key to analyse these tailor made modifications and the influence of doping, and chemical interactions on the ground and excited state and the electronic transport properties. The final outcome will give a detailed assessment of the application potential in nanooptics and nanomechanics. This project has a highly interdisciplinary nature relying on three different research areas, based on the outstanding candidate’s experience in heteronanotubes, the worldwide renowned spectroscopic expertise of the host and the world-class expertise in theoretical spectroscopy of the training cooperation partner. This project will allow the candidate to strengthen a well established intra-european collaboration and to greatly broaden her scientific background, making of her one of the most highly recognized scientist in her field. This will boost her career to the next scientific level.

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