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20 percent efficiency on less than 100 µm thick industrially <br/>feasible c-Si solar cells

Final Report Summary - 20PLµS (20 percent efficiency on less than 100 µm thick industrially feasible c-Si solar cells)

Final publishable summary report

Executive summary

The reduction of cost per Watt-peak (Wp) for silicon solar cells is most efficiently achieved by reducing silicon material cost using thin wafers and by enhancing efficiency to above 20%. However today´s industrial standard cell structures are not suited to reach this goal. Additionally, the mechanical yield of the solar cell and module production has to be high enough to reach cost effectiveness, which tends to be in contradiction with wafer thickness reduction. The 20plμs project aimed to resolve this contradiction for a solar cell thickness of 100 μm at a solar cell conversion efficiency of above 20%.
The overall objective of this project was the development of a 20% efficient silicon solar cell with a thickness below 100 μm and realizing a conversion efficiency of 19.5% on thin solar cells of a thickness of 100 μm with an area of 156 x 156 mm2 in a pilot production line in the second half of the project duration. A process was developed and transferred to the industrial pilot production line of Hanwha Q CELLS. The result of the 100 μm thin cell fabrication is a median cell efficiency of 20% The best cell has an efficiency of 20.3 %. With process and handling adjustments a breakage rate of 4.5 % is achieved at the pilot line of Hanwha Q CELLS.
Cost and lifecycle analysis of the three process routes considered in the 20plμs project were carried out by ENI.
A dissemination work shop took place on Wednesday 24th of April at the Chambery Conference Centre Le Manage with the title "Industrially feasible processes for the next generation of high efficiency and thin crystalline silicon solar cells". This specific industry-oriented workshop was opened to the public and addressed the photovoltaic professionals. During the workshop the major 20plus EU-project results were presented. Also, external speakers were invited at the workshop.