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Improving capacity of Jordanian Research in Integrated Renewable Energy and Water supply


The objective of the JoRIEW project is to reinforce the cooperation capacities of Jordanian research centres by promoting closer scientific collaboration with a number of ERA located research centres and universities. The JoRIEW project will help structure and enhance S&T cooperation in areas of common interest, such as research system integration, integrated energy and water planning, development of water supply systems that can be powered by intermittent renewable energies, in particular flexible pumping techniques and reverse osmosis desalination technology, where joint research efforts could bring common solutions and mutual benefits. It opens a new chapter of scientific cooperation between the EC and Jordan, an important partner in the EU´s neighbourhood policy. Improving Jordanian capacities in research will be achieved through following activities:
• Networking of Jordanian and EU research centres in view of disseminating scientific information, identifying partners and setting up joint research
• Developing training modules to build competency and facilitate the Jordanian participation in FP7 regarding energy and water research
• Developing the Jordanian research strategy for sustainable and renewable energy and water desalination in order to increase its scope, in particular its regional coverage and to improve its responses to the socio-economic needs of Jordan and other countries in the region
JoRIEW project actions aim to enhance international cooperation with Jordan by including S&T capacity building (human resources, research policy, networks of researchers and research institutes) activities. Project will enable Jordanian researchers to contribute to the solution of local, regional and global problems and to economic and social development. Enhanced research capacity will also encourage researchers to compete internationally in terms of scientific excellence and increase their incentives to continue to base their research activities in Jordan.

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