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Wing Dynamics Acceleration Sensor


The project aims at design and test of MEMS based accelerometer for wing structure active control and health monitoring. The key requirements are: full scale of ±10 g; bandwidth >200 Hz; 1 year composite stability: Bias:1.5 mg and SF: 1500 ppm; vibration rectification: 25 µg/g2; noise: <2 µg√Hz, warm-up transients: 10 µg/min, digital output and self test. They will be achieved with a bulk micro-machined capacitive MEMS chip, Sigma Delta closed loop architecture with an analogue FE ASIC and an FPGA for digital force feed-back control and digital output. The concept is proven on products for seismic imaging and is now adapted for inertial applications. Colibrys standard process is used to manufacture the MEMS. Results from a research project show that most key requirements are already met. The challenges are to resolve open technical issues such as warm-up behaviour, design a sensor to the specific application, reach TRL 6, and make the FPGA firmware conform to DO 178.The project includes a design phase, manufacturing and test of a demonstrator and a final sensor to validate conformity with requirements and data sheet. The project is carried out by Colibrys within the 24 month timeframe and the 600’000 € budget. Colibrys has a long track record in development, qualification and manufacturing of accelerometers for aeronautics, defence, safety critical train and industrial applications. The development team (30 engineers) is using FE and system level modelling, and various test tools for static temperature controlled tilt test, vibration, shock, temperature cycling. Colibrys manufactures > 100’000 accelerometers /year in the ISO9001 and 14001 certified MEMS fab, assembly and test facilities. Colibrys has large accelerometer background IP and will manufacture the resulting accelerometers. This project will contribute to establish a European, MEMS based, ITAR free, accelerometer supply that will profit European aeronautics, defence, and instrumentation industries.

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Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd
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