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Developing the next generation air treatment based on replacing non-renewable resources by microbiology


Concerning the objective to reduce VOC emission as cost-effectively and environmentally-friendly as reasonably possible, biological air treatment has the potential to be Best Available Technology (BAT). This is valid not only for a large number of European companies with VOC emissions, but also for the European Union itself. In comparison with conventional technologies biological VOC treatment is economically beneficial, it contributes to a lower ecological footprint and implies a reduction of CO2, thus adding value to the EU policy to reduce VOC emissions as well as its objective to minimise the impact of climate change.

To achieve our aim, the three partners will share their knowledge and expertise. The Environmental Engineering group of the Spanish Universitat de València looks to advance the scientific knowledge of the complex mechanisms and processes occurring in the biological system. PAS Solutions, a Dutch SME company orientated to develop innovative solutions in air biotreatment, is the first worldwide company with a novel biotechnology running as end-of-pipe treatment in six European facilities. PAS strives to enhance and broaden the application of the technology. Exel Composites NV is a Belgian facility leader on composite manufacturing. EXEL, as problem owner, explores biotechnology for air emission control to generate lasting knowledge about styrene emission treatment within the company.

Our goal will be achieved by pursuing the following objectives with three overlapping research and partnership programme areas:
• Development of a hybrid biotechnology for removal of hydrophilic VOCs.
• Development of a peak shaving biotechnology for removal of styrene.
• Development of a responsive control system.

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