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Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre


"The main objective of the SENERES project is to set up the Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre SENERES focusing on high efficient low-carbon energy technologies: energy generation from biomass, clean coal technologies and fuel cells. The SENERES Centre is established on the basis of the most advanced, experienced and promising research units of the Institute of Power Engineering (Warsaw, Poland) providing research in the area of energy thermal conversion and solid oxide fuel cells. The effectiveness of this project lies in gathering all existing tools and profiting from new possibilities in order to intensify its success. Therefore, the research potential of the Centre will be reinforced and developed by the cooperation with leading energy research centres in Europe: ECN (Netherland), TU Delft (Netherland), University of Cambridge (UK), CIRCE (Spain), KTH (Sweden), IFK USTUTT (Germany) and CNR-ISTEC (Italy). The project’s Action Plan foresees the exchange of know-how and experience by two-way secondments of research staff between the SENERES Centre and knowledgeable leading European research centres. Moreover, the following equally important activities will be implemented: recruitment of incoming experienced researchers, equipment modernization and upgrading, organisation of workshops and seminars together with various dissemination and promotional activities. Consequently, all SENERES Center’s actions will contribute to the EU SET-Plan for clean, efficient and low emission energy technologies development. The project will also assist in the transformation of energy systems in Central Europe Region into a more sustainable one and at the same time more secure energy supply."

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Ul. mory 8
01 330 Warszawa

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Makroregion województwo mazowieckie Warszawski stołeczny Miasto Warszawa
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Andrzej Slawinski (Dr.)
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€ 2 259 076,00