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eSafety Digital Maps Public Private Partnership Support Action


Low carbon multi-modal mobility and freight transport

eMaPS stands for eSafety Digital Maps Public Private Partnership Support Action. It is a 18-month support action involving public and private partners to exploit the results of the ROSATTE project.eMaPS contributes to the establishment of an independent public-private implementation platform promoting the validated ROSATTE framework as an enabler for the implementation of actions 1.2 "Collection and provision of road data" and 1.3 "Accurate Public Data for Digital Maps" of the ITS Directive.The established collaboration between the ROSATTE protagonists and many public authorities and road operators is of particular interest for the next steps to accelerate the deployment of updated and maintained road data. The eSafety recommendation nr 12 on "Digital Map Database" is another driving force.eMaPS leading to the establishment of the ROSATTE implementation platform is seen as a necessary step to help the member states to setup and run the needed digital infrastructure. Supported by the member states and the map makers, its mission will be to inform and train the relevant actors, promote the benefits, guarantee harmonised implementation and provide solutions for certification and quality monitoring. In addition, the platform will have operational responsibilities, such as maintenance of a ROSATTE toolbox, etc.The eMaPS project bases its activities on the re-constitution of the eSafety Digital Map Working Group which will steer and define the framework in which the ROSATTE Implementation Platform needs to be created. The items addressed by the working group are ToR, Governance, actions, plans for standardisation, and minor studies and technical investigations. To promote the establishment of the platform, strong efforts to reach the public authorities will be done at national/regional/local level. Actions to obtain signature for the Memorandum of Understanding and Letter of Support will secure a harmonised deployment of the ROSATTE framework across Europe.

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