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Water and Energy for Life in Libya


"The WELL project aims to strength the capacities of the General Water Authority while turning it into an international centre of excellence, and reinforcing the cooperation capacities and research activities in Libyan’s water and energy sectors by defining research priorities in water and energy to respond to socio-economic needs, facilitating participation in the European water and energy research initiatives and inclusion in the European Research Area. Considering the actual crisis in Libya, WELL project represents a model to overtake “standard” CSA project, pointing out the importance of the Governance inside the “Triple Helix” (Policy, Research and Business) in Libya and fostering capacities of GWA to participate at FP7 Calls.

The specific objectives of WELL project are:
• Better Coordination Between Policy, Research and Business in Libya
• Enabling Better Participation in Framework Programmes
• Enhancement of EU-LIBYA S&T Partnership in Energy and Water Research
• Capacity Building for Solving Specific Energy and Water Issues
• GWA’s Strengthening and Cooperation Capacities Reinforcement
• Energy and Water Research Results Dissemination
• Fostering innovation in Libya through active participation of SMEs in FP7
• Increase job opportunities that encourage gender equality in Libya, in particular for young scientists

The main impact of WELL will be increased capacities of the GWA centre and the structuring and enhancement of the existing EU-Libya support landscape in Energy and Water S&T cooperation through a fourfold way: (i) by proposing a Research-focused Triple Helix Governance Model to enhance stability in the Country, (ii) by supporting the participation of Libya in the FP7 and other EU related initiatives, (iii) knitting together all relevant support schemes, and (iv) facilitating both the uptake of water and energy research areas and the monitoring of the performance and impacts of this cooperation.
The WELL consortium brings together 4 Libyan and EU organisations representing a well-defined mix of competencies and expertise.
The project duration is 30 months."

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€ 158 948,50
Libia, Gran Giamahiria araba libica

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Salem Rashrash (Prof.)
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