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Highly Functional Polypeptides


Terpolymerization kinetics of amino acid N-carboxy anhydrides

Autori: Mischa Zelzer; Andreas Heise
Pubblicato in: Wiley VOLUME=52;ISSUE=9;STARTPAGE=1228;ENDPAGE=1236;ISSN=0887-624X;TITLE=Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry 2014
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1002/pola.27109

Determination of copolymerisation characteristics in the N-carboxy anhydride polymerization of two amino acids

Autori: Andreas Heise; Mischa Zelzer
Pubblicato in: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) VOLUME=4;ISSUE=13;STARTPAGE=3896;ENDPAGE=3904;ISSN=1759-9954;TITLE=Polymer Chemistry 2013
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1039/c3py00431g