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Smart Technologies for stress free AiR Travel


Passenger comfort is clearly a main factor in user's acceptance of transportation systems. An individual's reaction to a vehicle environment depends not only on the physical inputs but also on the characteristics of the individual. The findings of a number of passenger's surveys and comfort related research indicate that there is not a universal optimal setting for comfort related parameters in a plane. Hence individual passengers are always likely to have certain conflicting requirements as perception for comfort is affected by a variety of factors - sex, gender and ethnicity among the most important ones.

SEAT promotes a radically new concept where passenger comfort is taken to a new level. The SEAT system will develop smart responsive seats and interior environment with the capability of detecting physiological and psychological changes of passenger's condition in real time. This in turn will be analysed and appropriate adjustments such as temperature control, air ventilation, seat parameters etc. put in place. Furthermore each passenger will be able to create its own retrieve with personal entertainment and office characteristics in place.

The entire approach is to create an environment that responds to the individual requirements and desires and is not centrally controlled or manually adjusted. A prototype of this new system is to be demonstrated to the public at the end of the project. The design will allow to significantly increased the sense of comfort through: the creation of a "smart seat" that adapts the climatic characteristic to the passenger physiological status; integrated physiological monitoring system with health alert options; development of a system for active/passive vibration dampening; development of interactive entertainment; and development of fully integrated cabin passenger services.

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