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Space Research Road-mapping and Planning for Europe


Space is part of our everyday life. Without the use of space assets, communications, meteorology, navigation, science and agriculture are just some of the applications which are integral to our life which would suffer. Space applications, missions, space exploration with humans or not are fully dependant on the technology we develop. Technology which needs to be robust, reliable, low cost, effective leading to the successful and sustainable exploitation of the benefits we get from space and from our planet.

The proposed project, SpacePLAN 2020, responds to the SPA.2012.3.5-02 theme of the FP7 Space 2012 call which request proposals for the definition of research agenda’s and research activities for a European Research framework program. SpacePLAN 2020 promises to develop one of the first independent, comprehensive and international research roadmaps for the EU on key areas of space technology such as: Guidance, navigation and control, Propulsion, Launch vehicle technology, small satellite and Space exploration. SpacePLAN will fill in a gap which exists in the European community on providing a long term (up to 2020) research and technology roadmap for key space technologies while using inputs from all stakeholders in Europe and internationally while fostering dialogue and collaboration.

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