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The Application of Edible Seaweed for Taste Enhancement and Salt Replacement


"The main objective of the TASTE project is to develop flavour ingredients from edible seaweeds (Ascophyllum nodosum, Saccharina latissima, and Fucus vesiculosus) with the potential to replace sodium in food products. This can be done through two options, namely flavour enhancing properties or mineral content.
Health authorities worldwide have recommended reducing salt in processed foods in order to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Salt, i.e. sodium chloride, is a recognised flavour potentiator. Thus, the reduction of salt in food leads to reduced flavour besides a lack of salty taste. Seaweeds have a naturally salty taste being abundant in minerals like potassium, magnesium besides sodium. This salty taste improves the flavour profile of foodstuffs. In addition, some seaweeds contain a range of potential flavour components that can naturally enhance the flavour of the food. Mild processing can release potential flavour components like proteins, amino acids and reducing sugars. In particular, the proteinaceous compounds that are present in the seaweeds may be responsible for enhancing flavour characteristics (e.g. umami, meaty and roasted) in addition to providing textural mouth feel.
The aim of the project is therefore to produce flavour-active building blocks from seaweeds by applying suitable processing and to develop flavour ingredients with these for application in different salt-reduced foods. By doing so, this project offers innovative processing solutions, new healthy flavour ingredients and novel approaches to meeting salt reduction targets to a group of SMEs in the food sector.
This consortium is well positioned to implement the project according to its objective. Successful development of different flavour ingredients, with the properties to replace sodium in food products, will have a great impact on strengthening the current market status of the SME partners, resulting in growth in income and employment."

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